Chiropractic Neurology Helped a Female Olympic Athlete Recover from Concussion

Brain Concussion

The Harvard Crimson, the Harvard University’s daily student newspaper, published an article about a female hockey player recovered from severe concussion with help of Chiropractic Neurology.


A Harvard student Josephine Pucci suffered from severe concussion during a hockey game. This was a second concussion in eight months, and the symptoms are more severe than the first incident. The article mentions her symptoms include “nauseousness, fatigue, difficulty walking and reading.” Continue reading Chiropractic Neurology Helped a Female Olympic Athlete Recover from Concussion

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Every day, thousands of toxic chemicals enter the body through the mouth. Most of them pass through the digestive tract and exit out of the body. We make this natural detox mechanism possible because our gut is so complicated and highly intelligent organ that only certain foods can pass through the intestinal wall. The digestive tract is covered by tiny cells call epithelial cells, and there are very small spaces (10-15 Angstrom=1-1.5 nanometer!) called tight junctions between them through where nutrients can cross. Most toxic substances are bigger than those spaces so they can’t enter into the body. However, these tight junctions for some reason become wider and stay open and toxins freely enter the body. This problem is now called Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). Continue reading Leaky Gut Syndrome

Chiropractic Care Helps Athletes Jump Higher!

Basketball Player scoring a slam dunk basket

Ankle sprain is the most common sports injury and affects many athletes’ sports performance during game. It typically occurs when the foot turns inward (inversion), causing over-stretching or tears of the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. A minor sprain can be resolved by using “PRICE therapy”—Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, but a moderate to severe sprain requires additional therapies. Without adequate treatment and rehabilitation, the condition becomes chronic, and you may suffer from recurrent ankle sprains.

33 college students in South Africa with recurrent ankle sprains participated in the 4-week study the participants were randomly allocated to receive rehabilitation alone or chiropractic treatment AND rehabilitation. Researchers found that the participants who received both rehabilitation and chiropractic showed better results in the pain scale and the joint motion restrictions. Continue reading Chiropractic Care Helps Athletes Jump Higher!

Harvard Medical School on Chiropractic

Harvard University, USA

Harvard Medical School published an article last year supporting chiropractic care is effective for pain relief.

This chiropractic article is unique among those published in the medical field because it discusses that chiropractic is beyond pain management—it helps people with many other problems “including other musculoskeletal pain, headaches, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia”.

It also claims “a chiropractor may advise you and changing your biomechanics and posture and suggest other treatment and techniques” and concluded that “the ultimate goal of chiropractic is to help relieve pain and help patients better manage their condition at home”. Continue reading Harvard Medical School on Chiropractic

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

An estimated 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease (AD) last year. It is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. and kills more people than breast and prostate cancer combined. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, AD is the ONLY cause of death in the top 10 that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed. AD and other types of dementias costed the nation $226 billion, and by 2050, the number will rise as high as $1.1 trillion. Two thirds of Americans with AD are women, and 55% of people with AD are NOT told of their diagnosis. Aren’t these facts scary enough for you? I am very scared. Continue reading Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

90% of Pregnant Patients with Low Back Pain Improved with Chiropractic Care

pregnancy patients

Pregnancy is definitely one of the biggest events of your lifetime and brings you and your loved one lots of joys. I still remember when I held my baby in my arms for the first time, and it brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it. However, being pregnant is not always fun. As your belly gets bigger, it comes with more pain and takes away your energy. Continue reading 90% of Pregnant Patients with Low Back Pain Improved with Chiropractic Care