Chiropractic Neurology Helped a Female Olympic Athlete Recover from Concussion

Brain Concussion

The Harvard Crimson, the Harvard University’s daily student newspaper, published an article about a female hockey player recovered from severe concussion with help of Chiropractic Neurology.


A Harvard student Josephine Pucci suffered from severe concussion during a hockey game. This was a second concussion in eight months, and the symptoms are more severe than the first incident. The article mentions her symptoms include “nauseousness, fatigue, difficulty walking and reading.”


“Simple college activities became monumental struggles. Any sort of writing or drawing induced dizziness. A five-minute walk to Leverett dining hall became 25 minutes of stopping and starting.” And she “eventually decided to withdraw from school”. All her doctors recommended her nothing but rest.


One of her past Harvard teammate then recommended her to go to see a chiropractic neurologist named Dr. Ted Carrick. Dr. Carrick has been the leading expert in concussion and helped many athletes including a NHL star Sidney Crosby who “credits Carrick’s clinic for his accelerated recovery from a severe head injury.”


Dr. Carrick and his team performed a series of tests and developed an individualized treatment plan for her. The treatment ranged from a simple eye exercise to riding on the “GyroStim”, a multi-axis rotating chair like NASA astronauts ride on for training to “rebalance her vestibular system.”


The result was astonishing. Josephine began to feel better within 24 hours. And “[a]fter two days at clinic, she was, indeed, skating”. After a great recovery from concussion by Dr. Carrick and his team, she made the national ice hockey team and achieved a silver medal at 2014 Sochi Olympic!


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